subaltern etude

these spells ask you   who you are making yourself into
a what in the glint eyes purpose plosive at one
sec,  here just hold it a minute I can’t hit the nail
on the head, it might fizzle kinda unguarded
custody I mean comedy,   one block letter for
a blockbuster     drat outline abominate
unfetter    a quicker sketch than the note held longer then it
takes     for a bulb to break;  or, cracked unflow dregs a
wide range of seethings, flat rap hack slosh
when maybe fleeced .. aw, rank to gulp facing
near don’t give a flagging when flogging’s due
lapse lance fever twinkle the noiselessness of a
constricted cosmos    cling flung nit to a wit
blew the whole deal on a dark back street,
right up front

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