study 146 : if you flaunt it, gut it

if it goes
a semilunar   to flatten there
declension out so     that guitar tech
will tune you into non long belief    slap hang
so you go   driving at maybe a nothing style
flip down yer cord rip changes to
that super group at the horizon i see to lank maybe
or slow tilt it goes to
a Freudian rejection slip
there to a summing-up
OK i’m,    gilt to a tee     you ain’t even thunk
rain a starer
uniformed consent is to
con man mingle
half pint to my lie a mass acre
here you go, into
hammerless revolver
it might be
give it a good rethink
i’m tryin’ to give ya something
a slapping new focus
to blur

the mind might even start
at any momet
to imply

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