a sampled universe

rules for poets, donkeys & others 2

as if long term history
subsided into the place where the cityscape
dissolves over the surface of muttering
it is more common today however for
minutes to be written in narrative form, across
the sinking or a scatter of verbs like stars;
hours & seconds are written
as if the 1st two propositions of a syllogism
dictate order,  previously put on trial or a fabric
with a thickness relating to
several hypothetical strings obeying the laws of
less developed white people ...
is that how a chronometer
vibrates inside its resonating chamber?
bringing you to a point of  understanding
why you did something 48 years ago?
the more recent edition attempts
something for the very first time: 
where the cursor is, type in “pesticides”
& recommend to your instructor
that the air feels highly charged
with carbon monoxide
or, in other words,
a fire the size of a verb substitution    roaring thru
a single apartment

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