relink data sheet

                              morning strikes clear air
overall timing as a tone-
row-boat    obeying like a bot ...
never-never landing gear comes down &
ignites little sparks right across and
near the edge of the runway—
grown thru groan thru growin’   so:

... seal off hermetic open
tracking who is, as,
rigged as a 3-master jury:
igloo snap gone in glow-ball war, Ming;
kiss hello to dismissing fair wellings
enuf to maybe see gash
spring    all clear of snowed runs crystal

coin flip over nope landscapin’
leaves in days a roll, yo!
egregious getting to agree, just:
agree in obscurity to burn brilliantly
rash decision, to—   and,

anyway, oxygen fuel fires up,
intro to running ahead comprehend—
row-boat     streaming thru ifs ands & buts

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