building blocks

[from:       the Loss Lieder]

despite what they claim
wind in the eye
a movement cyclictronic
over the petty heads of the admin

weave a slow agate whisper

brainwashing has trillions of frozen toes
all the letters are
reversed of course       a mime incident

gesticulated with held aspirin monies

locable in time not in the swift
kick to the cerebellum
skulk this way and i’ll break your impersonality!

possibly this isn’t the best
time for the conflict of fundamental
values—all across the
sounds & specific features,
a disk for interdigitation

extraordinary!   the “who i am” is
encoded in this society of slaughters
w. “who are you”---no
colors worth solving
...hegemony as discovery

mull something else over, finally:
the general framework is,
twisted hands

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