Block: on desperate rhetorics of want

Neither the empty note, nor the hawk as staged, nor any bond of feeling lifts these words for others.
The invitation might be external, a hopeful scene sketched, this tone or that gesture, inclining 
toward options -- to be dashed once the exchange is made. How these rules are largely unpronounced.
The real outside is no luckier. Details are spilling out all over the place, take a hint, do 
the web searches beforehand and assume a significant up-sell on everything from weather 
to 'purely platonic.' As if any of this were poetry, trading heavily on its leaks.
The past is passed, like a day without the long con, when a bevy of grays, like pigeons waiting for 
nuts to be dropped, waited. Everything was easy then, park, pay, do a display round, watch for the lights, 
for signals, take a door and have the payload deducted with manual minimums in place. I 
can't count my face. My picture in words does not resemble anyone, ever. Fuck a bunch of that.
Don't let this come off as eloquence. I have the impossible on hold, suddenly speechless with 
the possible, like musical chairs, like wishing you had been more careful. That's the primary gripe.
The silence on the line, or of a screen, is endlessly patient, able to out wait anything 
that breathes, has a pulse. Make no mistake. It would be easy to assume that was value neutral, the way 
"fishing season" tells little of any fish (or chicken) in particular -- but that would be an 
error in estimation, as this silence rides the same machinic wave that drives us all, against 
convenience, better judgement, any pay off for any 'just so' evolutionary story 
varietal… and yet here we are, sharing a common floor that vibrates, it seems, in common 
riding a pervasive failure to thrive. Buy my bridge that don't raise, then my S.S. Catastrophe.
This block is too big, imposes a block on itself, squashes down and seals -- that acid taste from the 
third cup of coffee on an empty stomach and smoked tongue. Perservere with fuck-insertion. Always 
with the rule for all but…Every requirement listed and demands of moment doubly asserted.
This poem is being rejected. Reasons why this might have happened include, violating the
terms of poetic use or posting the same poem in multiple categories or cities.


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