APG @ Ten Thousand Things

After that the Chamber Cartel did a fabulous performance of Four4

"Interpenetration I-VI" is a cross section of each section of Cage's Eliot lectures, the full title of which is MethodStructureIntentionDisciplineNotation
InconsistencyPerformance and which is shortened to I-VI. Each of those words in the title is used to create a mesostic, running those keywords through Cage's collections of his own and other people's writings. Each of the APG readers in this performance is reading the portion of one of the six sections which has "interpenetration" as its mesostic keyword.

"invade areas where nothing's defininte: passages from JC" is a polyphon constructed from phrases plucked from Cage's writings using chance operations.

The pieces were all performed acoustically and recorded via a field microphone so the voices in particular can sometimes fade. Also, that train is pretty fantastic. 

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