a sampled universe

rules for poets, donkeys & others 5

how can you look up a word in a dictionary
to find out how to spell it    when you have to
know how to spell it
in order to look it up?
“my documents” is a set that includes
its own negation:  namely,  the negating of the
nougat,  chewy challenge,  or, a dismissal &/or hanging
@ newgate
but without its calendar ...   obsessional thoughts
get hidden between paragraphs,
& diacritical marks
gradually burgeon into hypercritical remarks;
to receive a weaker level of stress
a syllable gets archived
back behind the conscious levels of its basic mappings;
the drawback to using a meta search engine is,
articulation spelled backward:
when they lit fires in all the
abandoned buildings,
it was pretty against the sky
it was a devil of a nite,
and the data jumped up—

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