a sampled universe

rules for poets, donkeys & others 4

there should be no commas between the last subject,
& the verb as funicular indecision or patametaphysical
hypotenuse, ringing out the bells,
ringing in the crushed houses ....
switching from you to they to one
can be very confusing   for a reader
lashing out at congealed moments made out of emotional wicker,
right there the middle of a pointless desert;
uh, no desert has points
or maybe except sharpness of tone to frizzle away
linkages without sausages;
it is also acceptable to either repeat the preposition
or blow up a gov’t building,
fascination has nearness like odd lights
falling into a well ....
everything they tell ya on the right-wing
talk shows,  excuse me,  on the news
is reduced down from the short & ordinary words
& so i think you can put that
in yr pipe(line)
& sluice it
slice it
dice it w.out abolishing
bone chance or any other

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