a sampled universe

looping troth is to   maybe some freak ding a ling
attention (waning) !
all units are to move
into the vicinity of
pomo meltdown & re-adjusted
complacency                        log a few indistinct
cadences, here & there
then & then

did not give an exact starting
date for the bond purchase program
baton convection    reaches into caring, just as if
a bookie glitch, eh?  behind a sly vizier
and, as many analysts had warned, there will
be no immediate help for countries, like Spain,
taking america to a better place;
pulls the song awry, or
that blaze
triggered by an accidentally dropped hand grenade
some opposition lawmakers
walking along a road    and in fields

flit around
like in a prismatic stew ...
--the snap of the gradient
starting to click in

1 comment:

  1. enjoying very much the swing between parsing syntax. syncopation, punctuation, etc. vs. the "hustle" (like three-card monte) of monetary policy here. I'm trying to read both in terms of the "bookie glitch" or even "the snap of the gradient"...

    arrested w/this one from the beginning w/its sleight of hand:

    "a looping troth" ~ "a loping truth"

    lacking the esteemed tropological term, I'll just call it "the vowel-ish switcheroo"...