The newly discovered glass dunes on Mars [with audio!]

i said
The newly discovered glass dunes on Mars may point the way to what my generation agonized over, this pestilence of grabbing random objects. We may be picking up the pieces here on after, 
she's very beautiful
I took off the 2nd screen protector thinking things would be rainbows and unicorns because I had a thick banana shake in a frosted glass and we are shaped by the light we let through us, masturbate to break fast where it still smells of spices, depression glass maybe, very unus. 
beyond that nothing 
We are fragile, we are human, cause we are glass placed in chemically-rich water ideal for hosting life, maybe a little too connected, updated whether to allow these ha ha ha interjections? Well you picked the right one! :p  Have you seen the little flowers in the bubbles, so cute,
i know... nothing
In a sampling of lemon wedges and slices served in beverages in New Jersey restaurants, microbiologists found 25 different species of bacteria, including fecal Call Me Maybe covers that no one needs, though I have a weakness for bright lenses and always had great fun with fisheyes in my long career with my screen already with a scratch on it.  
but she is, i think
Maybe you have a thing called a CPU that is similar to my brain? No? It's thick like a banana shake. Sorry, this is all just something I concocted from lessons learned in the quest, hopeful is not the word for it, more the way the ancients, after a day of getting their asses handed to them, lay around the fire getting fucked up on something and watched the twinkles
just what i said, 

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