summer salt

1. cultures of a pol

just as to keep.  sinking.  to go on sailing without a sinking thought. that’s at a new near hear?  they famed slim a light where gears go for handcart management.  lack to a slip fort clap.  applause.  in an audience romanticism.  as if a transverse love under the eaves.  eaves dropping & eaves jumping.  at the quilted beginning it’s theory,  like ice in the sea;  like no ice in the sea.  first a discussion then the museum has iron, curt rope frame syllables.  in the box a digital swirl gives ya confusion.  it’s a con, with some fusion. mostly it leafs from over across like a gun barrel.

2. look out for spines

past is a gift a present.  as this in a quiet kick start move,  that way,  moon slip to cognate. drew it train, says.  each to that way  soaring or sore.  keep a going as non cling fabric escalator abandoned station,  sip old language to try.  maybe if it fosters,  a parent tome leering at,  when she remembers things she writes it down.  then the prose trickles slowly down the music,  handle crisis, flip to an absence of medication or a house cleared out, after they left, after .  what happened goes hidden.  quick then it all moves, to,  unrevealing,  to, new tempo. when it starts beeping it generates abstract numbers.  nick or scrabble, slew ah trace.  i’ve got lots of pulses.  they fade as being stupid, & crunch,  it slows down at the end for more expressiveness.

3. corruption & the secret of law

everything in the water course,  over in a penalty box.  they strain for the do not think mode,  for no thick description a mind into the ninth weasel nite,  cold in a there.  i don’t see that any,  ways that flip flop  or slip into there as.  in yarrow.  chisel the,  as a moment, or.  into a shape w gang a-borning decency at a one time gash..  in a middle off one foot.  deeply understand anxiety horns its way,  lep cloth ancillary when driving not dragging cross-country.   singing at hidden trails. i have a necessity plug in xerox processes  .. it skims over the top of an everyday.  cloak beacon.

4. thing with things

complete and total with non or sense or the drifting cage something in trepidation with trapeze artists instead of artists and plaster of paris instead of Chicago;  going on without space and so time squeezed to words;  if you had clout down at city haul and the fine maroon desert‘s ready to be packed up and shipped out to the mind where the mind’s unclear about deserts; look,  it just means an education without a consciousness but the price is OK so write it up unless someone makes you a bitter offer; he flies from place to place like a murderer with a songbook & revulsion’s always good for not looking straight at a tepid or circular joke; drowning on the bridge they’re non  entities with galoshes gosh and a golf course to disintegrate in the middle of the new year because leap non once they call up that number cuckoo is a rip fame no sameness without the rotted laff;  acrimony..... is my kinda money

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