Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

                                                    essay 361

beginning of a sketch for an outline towards a basic introduction to political poetry

it wd just be that sometimes everything’s contained on a list. rant rave, huge waves of blue ink veering across. a linkage will have to be needing. even for distant voices. take each day, memory implied where education’s the next problem. especially seeing those new notes unposted. they ran a macro across the river the planet got drowned in. hours, then hours.

there will need to be contact information when the web site leads nowhere. park over at the side of the building. one plate broken & a quietness pervades like when you think about different lives. if we can all get to the plaza where they sharpen the antique law tools. a nearness w place like the opposite of shelter. or slapped like being under the middle authority, w new passwords:  lacking a lament, but ratting on the lampoon n pillage bunch. snorting a line of X and getting strength projections. crowds w a soft heart for a new form a forlorn day unformed.

every time,  there are directions. a swamp image. plumes until in the absent blue you feel on the move,  not counting automaton pledge qualities.. or simple fame ideas in private notebooks. i think it’s about, slinging beginning as not being anyone. a long process to start detribalizing single breaths,  till property is my character-based anvil for witnessing crime-scene re-enactments thru sleet. money en absentia has lower tones. a trivia question on slave day.

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