how would you like to put your ad right on the screens of millions in minutes?

[from:       The Loss Lieder]

always to be in practice is a very the mild line a-hangin by a
thread of gradual or plodding pace makes it one concert
fingering technique across bardic mulberry stretched thin
over a neighborhood fluffed up w superior horsepower
pulling oh my gosh line rank at still forum as a mote real
slay morning time swirl dust motion detectors
wired thing is, a mind at play famed at the low heat
out of the frying panopticon and into the line of fire retardant
asbetoid form a song with a line in quiet run over there
you point cross ref signals all quaint hamper the villain
till class distinctions are black cat jump off a wobbly
pedestal shriek make fan glower canned at a site of invention
multi-warhead re-entry history a scrunched vehicle for your
manny-wood career into a concrete abutment almost ands and
ifs the everyday uncanny being uncanny long rows of
hidden drug sessions rush a snail version long insistence
they say unpaid stuff written like a bowtied weevil
next time ya looked in the crushing dark of postmodern
play, he had his whole family there, the site of the blues
is a sixteenth-century mind game keep on pointin’ out
irritations of the wild fling forever absolute interchange
at the downtown photo shop laws raked by a turbo-jokester
purchases of verbal construct unbased but not unbiased
if i refer to that there as an audience, mind wanders flow-
chert found dirt archeo-mindset realizes
a signifier gets rigged up only past morning stall data
but the acrobat better not get strangled
by the sig dot net quote calm alt

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