how all work & no play makes Mark a dull boy works

a real smoothie  printing out poem gash bars twirl n metam
ach!  treep at a ground slitter
investigators who perform well double my demand for drugs
a chirpy FBI directory told me
squabble as a buster in a dole out line
or just congeal & mimic a copycat
my sideline power dog’s got  sputter to tiptoe gain ranching where
in the breathe circle you’ve got each note w a prickliness jaunt lie
i emanate from the new blues benefits lining in a silver
led balloon cloud stamped
privity life anchor
agree that my snarl goes to an edging?  who put him up to it,
a winch to train me   gathering figures in the
rhapsody mock flicker   i mean layout
hanging  at the whap! canteen   managed that
military sugar’d half rush pretty decorated  now you can
marry & be a marine w a handgun for yr protective voting
wrote    the iron velvet manpower planning
means you guard the guardian hid ghost community or allot
algorithm to a crag dance to a step wringing
bureaustatic insurgency indifference
like a spume too nimble to teeter i mean if they could
wrap up my mumbling in an old grit sag
this would be yr opportunity—
the face of order
the dreams of no purpose
or, stunned in that commercial
a riot of none

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