fender bender

log slow time hammer in the elf clack wave is that
real   necessary   bleed from those eyes     gold fleck semaphore
what     is semi for?   to fall apart
a rather flaky history        lunk   ragful 
immediate loss    a slurve hit no slam’d
or next to nothing is     hack & criss-crass noted urge slew
grounded stupidport    other                   into thin air
dante mappish         a topic scoop toxic   everland
n gave false info on
a slink wait tomorrow collapse    i know sweetie
rank to slacker edge   a charged razor fence lickin’
now horror of smashed rock well yeah
dice   threw            went pranced away
self shrunk to dwarf    as      tucked under harm
& mashed down into ink only            pile-drive   defensively
i found that house
and it shriveled into choke      charge of the light slugs

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