a sampled universe

expostulation 3
tanks backed by infantry soldiers
it’s a modus operandi to the left of right of entry,
just as a widening campaign goes on my clout or say-so
to maintain networks of contacts
deep in the heart of contested territory
bang bang is like beating a  tattoo
but who’s the tattoo on?    in recent weeks, in the capital
they’ve been shelling emptiness with mismatched words,
hoodoo?  bah!  hating real use of words is
a lateral curvature of the spine  (lessness),
do push-ups till the sham chafes the stillborn:
the opposite of “winning hearts and minds”
as the government has claimed that its mission
includes cut & paste operations where
dismal guesses flit all around,
& meanwhile no one asks about how the text
got that way     it’s clanking in miniature,
all the way to where terror’s the basic approach:
opposition throughout
in areas that’ve regrouped
what amounts to formal rotation schedules
hiding living shadows from view
like successful hit-and-run ambushes
resurfacing in a southern city
as flight

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