variations on a typo from the New York Times

at least one knife had a knife during the brawl

if you insist elaborately auto
spurn tape      as,  playback altered

in itself a glaring
tag system’d fiddle irate stipend inquisitor

seek minus      defines you & you need to stay on
for that quake
on a nice day         at least one knife
said as in quietly present arms in sling
umlaut intruder macroevolutionary handcuff
a shallow overcastting stitch
rag timing seek valueless product

that’s a group   massacred by waiting  seems
to time slash exit probational fan-light obscuring this grey
a day forwarded in lead    they bite bullet
as if a subjunctive eye meant songs for peace in
rack  d  rack     shot elephant to an ivory
towering as male armor’s clot blanch folk’s aim @

at least one knife had a knife during the brawl
they say waking tome
cosmos gone red gothic landscrape
transnational 10 stories deep
so get to fingerprinting
aural & history

the cops need a little soap operatic hidden systems that
deliver unforgettable customer service
it cuts &
runs deep it

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