study 110

find that as a machine snapping back long sip from
archeo lingering time hold flat then it puffs up
in all these wonder starts name dagger’s got monarch stamp
hold at this a flinging type near train or it might flow
gyration at the seeming slice frame has nip at the
heels type law shape structure loop claiming it’s now a
burden at one to flip knot hubby thinks
appetite’s unawareness but you know slang for mentally
clever moves round one seed as if coworker
stranded in a fluke mincing words whole
sentences that’s what i’m talking ‘bout
provable insists to take one moment drinks choirs as lilt
doleful not only possible quill maybe hand him a
government to cope with,  all stalking done in your spare
sandpaper then paint over source with gripped
out of date swirl of noise made just with this budget
no objects in reliefs they weave lines folksy contour
overshadows what your links might lead to till
all shimmer blank blink blink
a cold shoulder when you feel inquisition leading
zestful then      focus on a painted grid
razz the unbanded garage

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