study 102

this then might make a symbol out the crash at the one
time on hand source realization nifty
exposition,  where mad slunk row dent plain slack home
is racked at a formal shift
file at a roaring drift
home style rip quaint every log tome slake maybe half-hearing
but logs twist as you roll down a riverine dream complex or
clot flap knotweed all foal to a rash symptom moving
in with the broad contexts for history

but then
flow to creak
lake over clouds
master of cling
rash of singing

to be in the clear objecthood placing technique in the
far over absolute, wan flow for a dozen
v’herb forms reaching over meaning as if white
alabaster from a dark side could
spell with the angles
as a crowd took over the capering city
in roiling dream
so this is the dream of isness
busy & then sum
in human

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