sordid sonnet 1

splotch or splot toward, one at a lift find app a Maddox—
time to dent famously the new twit who tweeters out on the edge,
it grows to the keen fresh air, heavier than, flight, pines
off hiding by a gully in front of a hedge;
or, trim at a hedge fund, don’t got no game, had ax
however, rich to a mine flow sequencing for profit, mine
also post-yourification, getting to Euro fiction pledge;
listen, that’s just joblessness sharpened in the sad sacks
where the blunt edginess meets grind .....

he got the spread sheet mixed up w the document,
so all the columns multiplied to a prose with zeros...
i don’t know, sometimes you have to forget what you meant
(the only good emails are the ones ,  not sent):
Mondays, paid time off:   personal time: tomorrows

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