Somebody must have said "Culture"

“You can't talk about fucking in America, people say you're dirty. But if you talk about killing somebody, that's cool.”
A man pounds and screams his face against the imprint leaving a bloody wall.
A woman faces a boy's scratches and blood runs away, he is seen.
A woman has some blood on his hand and she starts to bite a man's eye. 
A man bashes another head over the man with the back of a hammer.
A woman's side is bloody and a dog bites a crotch in its man.
A man has some ears for blood and we see his listening with savage thrusts. 
A man in a car is attacked by a man in a backseat. 
Knives and guns are seen there are bodies attached.
A woman has an eye stuck on her nail file in her other eye.
A hatchet has a man embedded in his back. 
A girl falls from the roof and is the iron fence below while a boy is hit by another boy who is a truck.
A man strangles through a window another man to death with a blurry glass pattern and we see this from an invisible distance.
A bunch of bees is a large man who is stung to death by an angry bunch of small men.
A man jumps on a car and is shot and the windshield covers the blood. 
A woman is seen dead in a freezer full of women freezing. 
Two people fight and hit each other with objects.
They eat the monkey's brains live right out of its head.
A woman's arm is cut off a man by a machine that can't be stopped.
A man repeatedly dunks a hospital therapy pool full of boiling water into a woman's head and we see the flesh on his face peeling off a woman who smacks a man across a piece of meat with the bloody face he makes.
A man laughs maniacally while stabbing his mattress so that it bleeds.
A boy follows a woman inside of her and sees a small man beating another man with a chain.
A girl goes into a corpse and finds a man's chair reclining there with a hypodermic needle stuck in a very tiny eye. 
A woman grabs another woman and drowns her carefully in a bowl. 
A man finds that a woman has bitten another woman to death with his teeth. 
A girl, having witnessed this, runs down hospital down hallway down staircase as the man follows her down with a bloody glove and latex knives. 
Once inside himself, the man raises his wound to up-close inspection, but the doors shut before he can attack her and he stabs himself on accident in the face and dies apparently. 
A teenage boy is thrown out of a stomach, he is later shown with chunks of glass in his bleeding window.
A man is killed by a motor boat, but we do not see any motor boat, only bloody footprints on a dead chopped up baby.
A machete girl is threatened with a man who is covered in guns, and is then switchbladed in the back with a gushing wound.
A guy has his head smashed in with a hammer, a splash of blood hits a box.
A hot teen boy is shot cold.
A girl gets stabbed by knife in the back and we see the long stab marking her place in the book.
One man gets an arrow invited into his throat.
A boy is decapitated, but in some versions it's hard to tell.
A chest is shot in the man and head, seen too is blood.
A man kills another man very much.
A man kills another man some more.
The first time, his ankle is ripped open until he dies, shown in a very graphic close up until he dies, and the second time, his throat is ripped open until he dies. 
It is implied that one girl is killed by having a vagina inserted into her hair curler, but we do not see it.
A boy is pulled underwater by his partially decomposed body and drowns; his killer is partially found later.
There is a man, where a brawl is pinned down and punched repeatedly.
A woman bites off a man's penis although we don't see any penis or the blood itself.
A gruesome discussion of how a man kills his victims goes on for a long time.
A man attacks a girl, attempting to strangle her, but another girl comes into the room and shoots him repeatedly, causing him to fall off of a balcony and land in the yard outside (however, we learn that he is still alive and has escaped.)
She is then thrown, bleeding, into a swimming pool.
A boy is seen being spanked with a belt by a nun.
A man with a knife is attacked by a chainsaw with a man attached.
A guy is shot in the twice and his blood is seen once.
A man is attacked by a dog repeatedly attacking him. 
A man hits a woman in the face with a reflection and his nose bleeds.
A man slashes a woman's throat so that a girl is forced to urinate.
A teenage girl is impaled on antlers, you see them pierce her stomach, break through her skin, and spray bullets into the watching crowd.
A teenage boy has his head chopped off with an axe.
A slut's neck is slit. 
A bastard is beaten by his step-father for being a bastard.
The girl then backs away when another man comes behind her and stabs her in the eye with a hypodermic needle (no blood is shown).
A pimp's head is taped to a hand grenade and it explodes.
A girl is shot hundreds of times but she keeps snarling with teeth dropping from her blood.
The same girl is gutted, which results in her entrails being pulled out of her torso.
The girl's chest is carved into by a switchblade.
The girl then finds another man's corpse hanging from a basement ceiling and climbs up a pipe through a small window, but the other man nearly slashes her ankles with his enthusiasm. 
The same girl is then raped and shot.
The girl then falls out of the other side of the window onto a scrap pile and runs to an elevator, presses the button and waits. 
A man's horribly charred body is seen several times as it is burned alive, slowly and with screaming.
A woman is shot with an arrow, some blood is seen.
A man is axed in the chest some blood is seen.
A cook has his face burnt by a boiling pot of water.
Blood covers the walls and we see an ottoman piled with greasy guns.
A man is shot twice, once in the chest and once in the dick. 
A knife stabs a girl in the chest with a kitchen man and then thrusts the guy upward (we see blood splatter on the neck and chin.)
The girl then runs out of the hospital to a parked car and hides inside. 
A boy is raped with an injured mouth and holds a bloody napkin over it while a gang of feral children watch.
A boy is hit by a car, which slams into another car, causing a huge explosion, which kills the boy (we see his body slowly burning and later see his skeleton in a sandwich bag.)
Later, the boy who was knocked unconscious arrives, attempting to start the car and escape with the girl, but the car will not start and the boy passes out.
A guy is slashed in the spirit, a good amount of bloody paper is shown.
We hear two teens being beaten with a stick, other sticks are seen beating other teens.
A guy is hung by Christmas lights, blood comes out of his presents.
A woman is knifed with a stab, and is laced upwards through her tight toned stomach, blood is patterned.
A boy finds a woman's bloody corpse attached to an IV tube, which has been used to drain all the blood from her body (we see a lot of blood trickling from the tube into the mouth of a large poodle on the floor.) 
The boy then attempts to run out of the room and escape, but slips on the poodle and hits the floor, knocking his conscious unconscious.
A piece of a woman's skin is cut off for a skin graft. 
The car crashes into several other vehicles, then a building, then the ocean and drowns. 
A patient's ear is seen being stitched up with string made from human skin. 
A man stabs a dangle in the back with a scalpel and uses it to pick it up off the ground (we see her in the air for a moment until she drops him to the ground.) 
A man cuts off a woman's finger with some surgical scissors and we see him sucking her bloody finger. 
The girl then falls out of the car and crawls on the ground when the man appears behind another building and does not crawl after her. 
A man then attacks another man. 
At one point a man starts eating another man and is seen chewing his flesh.
A woman throws up and is beaten in the head by another woman. 
A man attacks some other men and slashes one in the ass. 
A bloody proboscis comes out of the wound and stabs him (it is seen several times). 
The man violently breaks down the door with his hands and goes inside, stabbing the other door in the knob with the key (blood is shown on it). 
A man has some blood on his hand after being attacked by a woman with some blood on her face. 
A woman bites a man's ear. 
A man in the driver's side of a car is drilled through the door and attacked some more. 
He then corners the girl, who shoots him in the eyes, blinding him (we see blood running down his face behind his mask) and causing him to wildly spray the air with the garden hose. 
A man is bitten in the neck by another man. 
The other man revives, turning on an oxygen tank, and the girl does so as well. 
A man shoots two men once. 
A guy is burned alive twice.
A man falls down just one step of the stairs but his severed head makes it to the bottom. 
A woman's dead body is seen, dancing.
The man then chases the girl and the other man down several corridors and they hide in an operating room. 
There, the man outside walks right through the closed glass doors when a third man shoots him repeatedly and he falls to the ground, apparently dead.
After a dog is killed, it is briefly shown with its guts ripped out.
The policeman then goes over to the corpse when it suddenly revives, throws the cop to the floor, and slices his face with a broken bottle of shampoo plus conditioner.
The girl then runs out of the room as one of the men ignites a cigarette lighter, causing a huge explosion. 
The girl takes cover behind a wall in the hallway as one of the men, completely set on fire, comes at her, but the flames then consume him and he falls to the ground, dead (it is presumed that the other man is dead too).
Another other man is discovered impaled to the wall of an outhouse.
When this fails to kill him, he is shot several times to punctuate stanzas during the reading of a poem which is all about how much a girl wants to see him dead.
To celebrate, a bird is taken, has its head ripped off, and its blood squeezed into a messy mouth.

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