a short history of the United States

raised under patronage
a model of construction
ancient orthodox and transcendent
goes on a rampage
noting an absence
deliberately effaced
had not been historical accidents
far flung
it meant waning or destroyed
in their stairway
fashion typical
in different kingdoms
he resorted to marriage
tipped with long leaf-shaped points
otherworld portal
it took the insight of the great
public ritual she conducted
another series of battles
deciphered the glyphs
a circle of defeat
this elegant strategy created chaos
healing process
deactivate ritual spaces
exquisitely modeled
a net of thick ropes
all sons of the royal clan
dusty disarray
danced a plaintive elegy
to rekindle the spirits
arranged objects
it lay in disgrace
his great funerary house
pyramid's huge mass
the blood loss and pain
hero of the old dynasty
dangerous surface
monster is the same god
out to the ruins
a substantial conquest-state
incised bones deposited
sacred space
mythological rationale
sarcophagus inside
a comprehensive treatise
regents for young heirs
her progeny claimed
a careful political manipulation
controversial imperatives
who could possibly disagree?
a pit was dug
gaping mouth is filled with feathers
central pivot--the king himself
a grid to accommodate
the plastering work was completed
dizzy from three day
positioning of the mask
and cut their own flesh
the smoking-ax blade that is so
heavy cloth costume
underground houses in the heart
small muffled figure
burden of war and sacrifice
by modern scholars
13th came to pass
howler monkey
to spell his name
occupy the same conceptual space
right to the throne
third scene however was the payoff—
sold their loyalty
conducted a bloodletting

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