a sampled universe

expostulation 1

Department reported on Friday, which is not enough
to significantly reduce the backlog of unemployed workers:  jobless rate as
rebuilding lags crinkle smartkeyed up,  foreign as a tongue
shyster in the electric fluid:
a showcase project’s an industrial park
in an undamaged area
words generate singsong antonym
a venture that could benefit foreign companies freed school in more than half the nation from central bulldoze or outfitted veneer
bewildering     as a libretto
placing much of the blame clustered scythe
or for the rate manipulation scandals
toward authorities
wrong end of a kaleidoscope
& filch a scorpion, swill metacentric        
who the bank says were told of the issue
but did not move
to stop schlock-smith macropolitical aiming as at heat signature;
lashing out at an abrupt leadership change at a
combined company

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