Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

                 essay 359 : Lutetium

the is is there you plain to a maybe vertebrate nose cone
in triangulation as a common wealth
or rare fortune   the cross over
this is insisting on the
shape of a space      dashed reasoning    or
reach over to   being    a gracile mutt   or
forest in  a definite here
so, mutter or go mute
fluent in american signifier language
whip out a deed to one single square of void oxygen
ready to burn    as in cahoots      the a
as in ash   photo of a city
by a river   un run    

spirituality in management?     that
sounds like a metallic element of the rare-earth group

                  if a name falls in the
space between a city & its photo and no one
hears it like an index of the nonexistent
modified by batch
well, embryo imperatives    are then a rational
or a rationing approach

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