Maybe is the way, oder Durchgang durch

Disaster was a falling limb, the soft awakening of horn woke, a knock from a far flung door stricken by a mysterious reduction of bone, slowly thinking like blowing notes in a very deep voice. 
Boss off the trauma so there's sussing up to be dropped, likewise boldest and then the coach knocked, and then fell very brave suspicious words against the wall and pounded meaning out with soggy thumps.
Labor the witless breezes beyond the poke, around the cabinet stares that bind us both like that minister y'all know, K something or other which connects two basses and seems ridiculous to work with the wind section like that.
Rage on sitting duck, the light is marked upon you and anger is the brightest star in the eye on your banners.
Cream a pile of china unless the cream is very Chinese.
Letterbox me like a pint of gas, I box like a liter of reason and not unlike a glance at paper fences, at a tale that stabs the terror because babes, these are your final chances in the center of this screen, on the wall there too and running the events with peanut activism, it is a story about your limits, dangerous. 
Beg a missing link from snafu mixer to chaos blender then from law to steal the receipt, denied the set from subtracting rumor tolls, no wonder you forgot your relationship, theft and violence act to reduce the rate of turnover which reflects well on old orange anyhow. 
Repairing angle clench on distribution you've breached disclosing door, lock fix up. 
Wallow bag knot and tea invite, hopelessly out-voted a bloom to make a knot and a summons for boxes, anxiously devolving on flowers from that time across a river. 
This, where my spill was drink, like a jacket grabber and sweeter than then i.e., the stroke, and beverages such as candy, and I had a skirt. 
Collateral oops is my hands all over the field, like greasy ghosts and flabby rocks of fleecy apologia, make sure of your manuals in all areas, stones and wine full sorry fat spirit.
Examine my preparedness with a winged macro organism and with the each last behaviorism of breath acting as artificial persona, as the price of wifi hot spot convenience and as all looks in at my readiness such that college headquartering at the end of each inhalation will be the exercise price of their legal status effectively in flight. 
Kissing larks shitting through windows like failing graces, an I'm with stupid t-shirt, empty is stuffed shirt and oral deviation from reproductive target.
All these drops can't forget about perfection for scum bottle blind is a color few fathoms dope, I see drug bottle screw tops in these moments, do not forget the blame just to improve the hue.
Even more ease of access and the blanket of sending, lusting from the rain I'm wet, I also soak convenience and precipitate the desire to break the every glass ceiling additionally. 
Despicable commitments choosing the shadow of being driven up the road and so flecked, bought off solstice projections on plain beige wall with socket, halting at the mote to apply the calm of bubbles to the deviations observed in the shade of contempt where it hits into the surface provisions for acquisition, distribution, place and causes blisters. 
Loads of bad dancing, entrance gray is sunshine spurts, hot sold hot ones now, fly boogie pogo slots and selling level babies, charcoal bars the introduction of cargo space, and flight with swarm welcome. 
Consider the total thought art folded. 
Neutrality demurred with a salient silence and smoke mopping the horizon like a pack of green injuns skidding across a dashboard on the curve, for example, "grande" means small in English with objections and a native-themed laundry bag with green fumes and "grande" means very little English but makes a gourd into a maraca with beads to be apropos.  
Of course after five seconds to start talking for never after the beginning endless life of stuttering attention deficit crashing down steps forever bang a gong, a myriad dish, dang the gables laborers and sop up the one fuck I know. 
Promise a meek bug for the faux into toggle body, botched amendment and pocket-sized evidence wipes, while poor corpus lost the promise of change, and change purse, or delete your pocket, a mock trial of difference. 
Posh parts in a zone, mutter bungling the tinkling pianissimo funk of the false fist whose noise is very thin and requires a specific drug market, tincture tingle venom kiss a polite sample grabs the plate and splunges four walls deep, of the burning houses wills a dim damn doleful doll to pen pal a mooring major weight or a several spoken heat, aye is bells is telling the tattle truths soaked in soothing loam and lotion humpery, this too is too too on the lawn is the same difference like a crapper check, phooey says so so what what it's just sixteen two hour weak and clumsy false friends in the area lingering the gentle sides of the handle like a fake repair that punctures the walls to show through so all viruses can burn another hole, and the sad sads and miniatures weigh the curse of waterfront's wonderful places for different temperatures, all "for example" chatter called deep into the soil and off the air where the fucking event was canceled, and you can change head, and many in the region also check the case in this case. 
Do feel kicked in the ear hole, sort of a large hole, like a lie in the sneer factory, the camera will feel a smile, there ruin. 
Battle perceptions are a quick fix, robot dada subtitle and special effects like the latter live in games, speed reading spatial outputs such that the robot at the end of the game of my life and the particularity of its effects are "simply" givens.
The monsters brought beer and there is a simple landmark sign saying Simple Landmark so you can't miss it, growling is contra indicated, so you cannot lose in refusing to quote the words of the teachers' monument samples so ever-over-indicated.

Sweating it hopefuls, it rang, it would be sweeter still if you read. 

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