filigree gear : security key

[from:     the Loss Lieder]

so slick maybe closed is foundations of government w the print fading away as it reaches the right-hand margin all to sleep cataract or bubbling in pots all across neighbor’s hoods / actual implants tear-ify paper dolls inch-combing / all wheels lack flipping as plane in the torn clothes cops a feeling ratted out and across / by song? / advances basic leapt at a shortcut circuit spark to go out on the lamb as / sacrifices belt up or liquefy (across known lumbering yardies) the sambas

rattle is a route i to tons of little bleak things or tape in the acid clouds / they got voices compared to notes / the meaning is rampant at an early history till they just remove human from the menu like foam taking a rattled potshot at light / this glows tot hype mean shelf life debit capable  / rake i hear ya in the down that’s where flowers danced all the yatter’s got  happenstance at the vivid or slightly charred edge / if in molecular cues bad voice sinking in a descant if then hit it harder going to train at the sinking one time in urban matricidal fair or just goes right to the slicer or juicer but wait !  at midnight there’s always more / if life’s closed, knock      (then batter the thing in

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