Danse Music


It is the most interesting moment of the arrest, I break for fire

Dear poverty and falling issues of pace, Currently I am a name

Unspoken is best we don't, The occasion albeit says a downer

Lastly doesn't neither relapse, Backside prospect covered the letter

Stay secret for the rolling fix of looking like bone, There's that

Then this, Another staple of questions only ever said that asked

Longingly any outside the glass, Pick off spent cartridges in much

And by this wouldn't work for as far as soon, Always late is anyway

Gesturing a small amount of fingers, To hold this precisely greased

Write some companies relationship to the only way out, Don't soft 

Hold what anymore so knots, Will do nothing but steer the curse

Fall one find that special love in until down settle, Done ceding up

Oh seems for obscurely, That under presence bought by proximity

Cheap unders the airport where found linger is wrought, Past for work

Future leisure, Finding the overlook from every bit distinct so unrelated

Nothing said yet poses itself as timely, A void no less practically

Stuffed only pinch closure point, Baseline for fink muscle pump

What will meant by cerebral discharge isn't, So total leap year

Papered served over tines so nothing leaks, Sieve a river of tears

Dance for no one not listening out electric crack it all ends with...

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