Brace for Impact

Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a serial killer it is my task to reveal it if I can.

Everything has come slowly together again around a place where there is nothing, here and there something leans on that place and avoidance holds it up better than gravity can drag it down, but only here-n-there-tidian, sporadic, veiled even as when it's the very slacking off that constitutes the upswing.

Whoever you think you are listening to minus everything you think you know about them, plus the day's residues and priming points and desires and hopes and everything fallen aside in the inexorable expansion from these be tasty to mega-chain outletsplosio-tasticize and ruin with one dead bite.

Now and God I demand it all the hope so fantasy a lost incentive humming Gimme Gimme Gimme because it can beggar me a rainbow an off the grid utopia queer as wheels must have seemed at first blush, someone else in the reflection blots out the likelys the way the evil eye goes for just one drink.

Maybe everything then very Moog so we know it's begun a swell of anticipation very DX-7 and widespread hope that some generalities with nondescript piano sample will be trotter-utter-outed from which flash market platitudes can be Farfisa fashioned hopping along triking like bunnies in rut. 

I am that space, it said, the space between, us, not you and I nor the author of these lines, who, though not dead, is seriously ill, chill and with tight demo-regional-hairstyle bounds, dope so up with lubricious-cum-sample-tongue'd delight spheres in peach terry cloth one piece tube top and shorts. 

There will always been have a cut from, mouth go south and how negotiations go and oceaten-disambli-valentong or has that ship sailed, mines full of warp left to fructify and draw ants in a mustache passed the double digit mainly because of the knob, but the overflow from the clubs put a wet hand in.

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