a sampled universe

expostulation 2 : violence & propaganda

teaches how to recognize
they don’t change  is possible the story is history from its coinage

the authors  are a walk-on
                        substantial  sobering  test scores
insult   to an admirable joke
intimate    abuse:  strong   cultural
        an age o’  terror   my little one
strongest  czarist   weapon
            must not shrink from   war violence tool

has  uncovered perks

                        color fashion   
the scale he prefers
              taken together
centuries  old  seeing         labor to block light
dubbed newly   primitives
            the first ostensible
seamless   oriental  image-making
baroques  are piazzas    are an absorbing   going

visually stunning infidels     (prose is supple)
landscape   with  a minor
              language    the dullest                      alternative
preoccupations   our brains,  genes
   vexing  as  “experts”

includes   puzzles    blood-sampling highlights
   by combing the mathematical  history  
a delightful  DNA               whether real  or imagined
sublime  elsewhere modern racisms
endgame  korea
                        force into print
power of an agenda   a burger-grill    a place
compelling  jazz age   matrix
world supply  of far-flung insight
geologic  time to hypercubes
critique  magic square
even-handedness  evil

crossed forbidden borders taking sides  CEO
historically black teenagers    
world  (high-spirited states)  destroyed
     civic pathology   shapes us
fairy tales   (didactic)
    guesses illustrate   an evil demon
refocuses    engaging 
               was  up to;
after words:  by the authors
caught   in a  ground down day
   has actually worked  horse & buggy era
bar foreign varieties    ride ticket  the worth
   rise   of well-crafted  lobbies 
  group    elegant   power
wager   applauded   a  fugitive   art
       for some time to patterns


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