unsent sonnet

this is the that in then that in their then in this
fluids as if erudite from cancel veto
slip in dawn maybe that the ton a place near quiet flub
a shack unbothered lady-killer esteem flunk
odd or diacritical   whisper measured loop re loop
punt circuit to not hive   all trash-like    technical meaning of gooey  on a
sunned-in porch   malice or sealed in the place where streets
end as pending hounders got eidetic forgetfulness

a very tom dick or harry    it’s just signpost slang
half obscure changeable proprietary need pharmaco-hackneyed
strapped-in at the back of the shop
I keep avoiding myself
it’s a slow management filch while someone  croons like a sigh-borg
it’s just like my old friend Bonn Moe mutters

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