study 90

I suppose there must have been some weakness
often it looks like
devil may care in a   falling right down
sublunary quick fix ammo tootin’
they’ll sashay into the mind bucket
time curdled as transfix
slip ajar dash werewolf-fashion unstated statement
notation for balk diddle while a slipshod
nightmare blurs
fiddled while shalom learned
crawl meddle in the understated
atmospheric effects
a scintillated true paradox
both with a malpractical impurity
unharmonized it was a soft shape you got
psychopath eyes & a shred of proof
ragtag clash with alternate routes
folded jumpy and quadratic like outwitting degrading
or reprogramming prime roasted frame of
a single family dwelling
do I manage trite as fainthearted snickers
in the back of a bar energize
that envelope of truth when you’re hungried
layaway the toneless consecration plan  man
all those identities make a slaughtered laughter
a housebroken housebreaker

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