study 89

log trim time stamp find yr dream home
run up to the high stakes manage that
feast of dread is time to puff or spliff or sip
or stuff,  as near to time dodge rain in the black
yard style xmas looses      when to a fine reason
if sleep magnifies 47 our of 47
a whisper driving over back city roads
maybe it almost happens where the waves are
those are climates of change as sure as shootin
all the creases are lessening fold wrap table
manner to actually spy on a spy
it weaves have to the not
or choked frozen swan under lichen and glass
it floats to blink back

a surprise effect is a wireless worked up
flame’s overall a glorious unfairground   certified soft
to entail plaster magnification gets good sense
don’t mention it;  a cigarette into tears
there,  means setting up dictionaries
called to account:  that drink in power shopping
business glides a scrubbed countryside
he’s good at executions for the
made of plastic

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