sample shooting script

ash out of focus during construction
because: re-tuning skin tones is like
(crazily) returning scanned tin: it rattles
daggers about the overhead they charge—
even though it’s part of the overheard they change....      
forecast you might say by lines of force
gaming the lostness till it finds itself

hey how bout that—the alphabet feels
(in a scrabbly sorta way) our pain,
just in time to break thru double-edged
kelvins, a shot of boiling dust curdling
linking to beginnings using gerunds

maul scope untrained algae rhythms
navigating thru dense everydayicide;
open up the pay to play places,
places where you station impatient waiting:
quiver fulla boomerang arrows
re-purposed to slam loops over closed hours  (you know
something like stumbling then flying .....
tasers are just a teaser: main event go bang!
underneath a lack of motion, there moves a mess of roiling:

vacations where system means turmoil
when electronic resources wink out

xenophilia rules the nite
yet again the yataghan
zero-based budgeting time!

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