rollicking huckster, or, what’s my motivation?

long done or try to see as against gone amen flame try rationed
it’s what stone face reasoned:
long to the fleer or  quaint indifference natty as blind dread
flown into fake circus droned

igloo topics to say this here guy’s got the demon whiz key formed
around where turn blank they foamed
in a kinda haze the day slips mind rack hornet slick toward flight
but no one’s got the trained almost flat

it goes to show a maybe’s as good as a scream to a flavor
i join the stupid to rent a cheap fever
long the screw goes into a light fixture floating stun free
it’s how the jackpot rips yer gonna fry

keep poker’d in a Connecticut let ‘em go sleep wallet under 500
going into a stalled landscape  unarmed hunter
hang undershadow tree-slope handle runt yammer to be oiled in wit
not a single jack to change that rubber wait

history doesn’t repeat itself but it hits the rim shot & bounces
away like a ground w green moss bleaches
then crawl to the What you tryin’ to get undone here boy? a stagger?
i’d say cut the price flip the sticker

i’m pretty good at this sort of thing it involves hanging on to yr soul
while you sell yr ass like a fire sale
3,000 fer the price of one;  how long do ya wanna stone quiver?
i’ll just tune the shout down  (one semi-quaver

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