a raven from the sea

one-voice exercises for some city

as in maybe misbelieving
a quart of fine coming in for
then they he said i don’t
fable as wink to a crash gate
plunk em right down like
judges were entitled to
a classifier it wick to light
then aggrieved to be a whip nag
foal is later light it vapid
as tornado enmity circlet round &
as in maybe misbelieving
dragging some as a box for coked
secrecy lipping
youse troll whack down slick
a dip will be back
for yr
contributor info


seven time i’m symptom or sluice rat
time goes move in a book to pick down rail accuracies
i’m it works creep now in a special pan the frying out fire
symptom has what may or june be shrug sam needles to stabbing
or the conduit to a least liking used to it or jazzy
sluice my knock plunger into the hotted up wink fluid
rat i saw a lot of em eking out yr all-now condo

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