other fantasies during sex

.aspire, ears tops, impels gray impression.   .i unhinged poor ease spilt access, teensie so.   .fuck you were talking.

hid in the bushes and waited for him and was surprised at the big Ford truck vibe, put the hand to front

.down going sound flows, floorboard, turf wars in top 40.   .where nothing makes a fist, Tamerlane the answer unsaid.

that yes drink simulation, took it there and pulled three loads out of vase, and claiming "a virtue" a tergo

.post mutts, taken on tongue tired, tied, failure quenched.   .ain't no use to sit, noun it, do a thing with string.

look for looks back, so new too and lost with puppied urgency, she was touching it and tracks meant nothing strange

.suspicions of radicality round ruthless refusal.   .de-sutured surprise-me-not pantie dispenser comeback chambered.

like a bursting perhaps or a tomato, and that how did you get your pants off time, crushed blue balls of sympathy

.handsedge hacked like onion stench for ache.   .novum.   .aural aggro answers bringing up this line's feels.

paper bomb landed, open up pause aisle duck back hat words you're sick, fading in the tremors themselves total  

.feelingsworth inc. busted monk face addenda.   .tropical fish Minnesota.   .always with the exits can you see ahead.

signifier of the mat bag and age back home, but fingered the bulge pulse, shy away horses and no mustache

.pugilist ease mitts, words, the snow under a crust.   .pistol coat.   .famine.   .hock shop gut box frets best in 1st position.

didn't read as mark of a hidden oasis at all, just a pudged crease in the vacant complexity of any excuse imaginable

.the ramps to either side hide any sense of location.   .divergent history less likely than unitary fantasy as long odds.

both with them need, knee'd, and the nonembarrasser how it acted, to hide, taking it in was an option but with crevasse

.hammer bag.   .trances of hot liquid.   .there was nothing very precise going on.   .patience is slur, true from harm.

but turning the corner from the stash, far end gesture block shaped with waggle, misconceptualization of allure 

.tazer, teasing, frontispiece to the master slice.   .break down song.   .famous last words too thick for a line.

driving night finger glug silhouette in what other space again, cloyingly cucumber melon and desperation as tango

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