mutilated tasking

addition is a symptom that relates   how?  as if
because to zap where    is   behindbrain
crap that moils dice in brigantine very   as  lift  to loss
does  leaf toward lost         a near sovereign nada-time
eventful as there?
full of near document  (hiding)    (tame)
garçon with resolution   builds behalf          so,
how’s your computer?
imp with bad times filled w. occur?
just listening to data stir in entreaty
knife as a one-night surgery pistol  whiplist
leave it in omertá to carry on  just like
maybe a fool & his salt lake city are soon part-
time jubilee bickering revoke
not only is it reasoning  it’s a part-time client
or stoolie for an in-group  organized
pretty much,   as a specimen    (off the mark—
quell the pugilist plagiarist
ranking 10th in the study of the stuck ....
south of the house is a tone of citification
tranks for the nerdy, or vacuums for the trendy
underneath all the connections, the dis
vacancies in the motel for heels, for
wheels, for steering into staring without seeing
xanthone or anything else yellowing:
yawn at the spiel evoking free choice . . .
Zzac is surprised by “kinfolk”

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