marred gin (or, kick up a storm, or the wail of sand)


appall small field same/clash rant a tear is tare to what in the wheat/backspaces loam into vivid/sleek nugatory candy w. an absent center/a clack is all the slick, racked/remiss miss again mock manque/slim pickings rid to tide gosh/zip in the yap fan slum how?/a flang with dire assist/oh yeah well the k-o is one option/nice in the yawning closing/always supposed to be unheard/sealed in the amber/


damn near anyone/a tomb w. a view/the useless ply the trade framer barrow:   “haunt ed.” and a non relative itch,  close to winging it


yeah sure mine field is yer field
            a watching has
fewer descendants
     as if the full time playing
handed  with  flies       in the   files  


bomber w. a foot in one grave error famed in a cartoon species shopper center mall’d by blear/bent double humping brass/faming to discord/ho the which in the undecided?/flame is tort roster synching & the icy crash   


  this one time     a wavering
where they have mobsters
in the yellow pages             on the prime time rimes
    empty fathoms   contain   how many
dashes   dots                smashes   grabs
              i just don’t wantcha to do
something you won’t regret later    


daily non divulge/bad crank/ful or fill or not or/grope coast station arctic/wait while they bring up/ direction of fall/stuck in two narrow a space/ /”i”  am a smother/slap launch/& reach that thump/right back to bash /understanding the zoning & social controls/if no reply/fevered the systems/banish in among digit/here hard copy bars/ approval plan/dis approve/ midway thru life’s/package guided tour of the Old World/i went like an ashtray/slack unprofessional & without benefits/spied on like a viper viped on like a spear/screen savers clover you/vocal as a troll &/half the axle comes off/broke air just spun/command in prog & maybe no/laghter in the echoing chamber/ /stupidity claws  with blackish plastic word oil/azure seizure


went to the doctor
            cause she’d come down
w. a slit throat


see,  the way we measure moving forward
is success in the market
(a form of human failure
you try to fit the game rules
“navigating a new world”
Americo,  old buddy
this is what we call
a string of  #s  

1 (aL * 56+k=).

a crimp or a tweak
just dawdling near  recoil (less the rifle)
           a twitch is a boon
when yr running out of room
they wd like to vote       but they
can’t find the remote
    one and one and one and one and
an infinite series,  asSartredsay


inscription marks with related words?   sure

if yr stuck in the middle of something that’s not real the lights turn a throbbing sort but white w. uncatchable overtones / it likes describing & classifying the place behind the waves in an illustration on a book cover, earned the photographer enuf for one good nite out on the town / international litigation      then tires squealing / missed it   sort of


Record producer Phil Spector, the 1960s recording-studio wizard who created pop music's Wall of Sound, was charged Thursday with murder in the shooting death of a woman at his home last February.

if ya know how fussy i can be/they call it breaking down in public/ fastidious know-how, and it means you’re on the platter/’stead of the food/ in close proximity to distance, like a brainy wage slave w. a missed appointment/ dim-witted trifling w. consumerist escape hatches?  no thanx!  i’m uncommitted, like my felonies, also a loony untuneful w. a tin tear or 2/ balking at that hurdle is just what herr doktor profesor ordered/i mean the herr shirt/intone & squash those peeks & veiled eyes/i’m a generalist,  almost a kernal/...either this man is sad or my stop is being watched

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