to break the blank into bite-sized bullets [now with Audio!]


in the willing toward, expanse and 
sudden curves, doubles doubling back 
that threadbare t-shirt, I am 
alive to the channel but reception is bad 
and reception is all the there that there is there. 
differences internal to, compare the third world 
somewhere off Buford Highway 
note all those cans with dust, bowls like 

a man that lives inside me has atrophied, a fact 
I celebrate any time I have 
ice cream, and certain metaphors that 
cannot be allowed to stand any longer. 
it's never true 
when someone says it's 
nobody's birthday. 

this other way of negating 
which is called subtracting, how is it that it is poised 
on the how to meter, like the way revolutions bookended 
the period under discussion, which happened first at church 
in a particularly bloody and visible way, 
later refracted through a few art projects 
and the 16 free therapy sessions 
covered by student insurance

or was it something in the background that wasn't anymore 
but its absence was just more background like the way 
the blind spot gets filled in, it being structurally excluded 
so to speak. maybe you just like to look at it so 
who is to say 
who has a better way 
to get off on this sorry state of affairs is perhaps 
the least useful question because. 

the likelihood of masculinist posturing is high this week 
as reapplications are due 
and the ringing of the nose with shit, spelled backwards 
is usually left in the original, so underlings beware 
and call in sick if you can. 

you don't read the stuff you just write it 
and bear whatever liability accrues. 
just remember that somebody is always 
sponsoring you.

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