swig flat judo

(from:   the Loss Lieder)                                               


clear up and call no time
for nuclear plans
leaves accused for more scrambling gardens
yr fury kills to address guards
detectives risking city capacity not capacity
knowing legend sez locusts writin’  yr novel
in verbs with a streak removed
next guy coordinate bad omen
contract dispute day trips
falls give meaning to computer blood loss
uncorking the drudgery river costing telling
misuse for pinned butterfly’s planned
almostly metaphor creaks
an uninteresting end
held by no time
champions of freedom
champ at the bitten


gasping acre slower held
paraphernalia knot ring fade they seldom it up in there
a paterfamilias like a former hand social not wring yr fad
actual in the sopped at a beep    a nose-dive one hundred per cent to find then
near ton     it’s nice at slugfest manifold
folded  men      in the meantime it auto as a progress was all written down if they
find us in some future moment mince goes drown in an eye trust
believe in the mad up changing practice enhancer barricades  
thing hampered nicely by willow in dark    slashed back round  in ax’d data
arts born snorting in a retro cathedral or cylindrical with
what ‘s that thing they light for neighbor slap-happy  located i don’t think its made up  the mad part
maybe is the way a jingo
a guy notation frame it’s there unhappening hardened day here have the data of shedding password mutilation
but banks upon narco’d fern of formic time to pit billboard in
eye beam of i look for word system
of concrete a deferred green odium
wolf house margins       this place is uh,  sham bulls

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