study 63

ash  quiet swirl   in as maybe comes on wind float   hire attic

brush w no a lemming   in re-invoicing   off-course direction’s best

cackle     a lad toward insipid    not examined

clinkers i don’t have a sno-cones dance in a well seeming  that the nifty part,  goes to the races

dampen in then electricity carried in along   a charge sharp

got that sand where a fink me lites up? conversation,  it’s a randy cool edge

system avalanche then you play till the midnight at noon,  lump it in, a liking quit

then sleet, i guess they thump that one pattern over to be fallout from clouds, not just then see sigs

when they told him nationalism, no more than an intruder, sharpening a chisel says wide to all the needs just keep

on progressing, a hint back from over at the enclosed CPU a mind walls all the they just keep watching don’t they?  a mind pays me w a bunch a canyons.  total maybe   a draft

so i created vast where in that a verb or a bottleneck,  both jamming & the silverslide releasing

he used a letter opener to slice up his blog, a mere insistence,  what they know now, create wetlands,

even under is a splat  wave long-wave cycle to whip darker blue field

flow thru newer building agone sign in arranger stone field

gamble   in a speaker foam   to a myth seen daily fake accent   held

heave   a back in memoried  core one  frost  OK  whip not knowing   is a fact

iatroinsanity   they whip thru   uncalling,   a space  wham  and a no thanx kid

dry to a scurry in the cripping terms.  our daily pan is demic

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