outburst (inlaid)

(from:    the Loss Lieder)

                 just a traverse compromise mask wearing yr minutes
things tossed in the air
purchasing little space-time sparks
maybe an initial claiming an electronic order
‘cause     here      there   juggling cold security
unless roman encoding‘s noiseless
juke expert tune for my discount sight     you know they say
plum out of escape hatch  when you’re  located
in a soldier choreograph bracket
kennel to spill yr guts   should they ask, a fling
under least with no one there     color drifts
queasy green   ramble-tone flat teal
nope,  the crease runs across backwards
curdle at a leap post  
when you turn,  the eye turns too
very antacid
kleenex to not tear thru battled racket scheme
quote them plumage extras   knock down salmon unspawn
plosive as a picture
less than around here spilled
vacuous with tons of rules or charms to
re-order miles near the wall   it says  you’ve gotta get locked in
order for us to believe you haunt yr cracked head story
dampen down  that qualification
woven from hot dogs & poisoned park hits as life a freak
links underfeeling     do i reach for slipping ?
really the last time they had it this way the underfunded burned,
quality if’s are getting run thru dark streets.

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