"a messenger amnesia" from Clips of Desire

your new nipples make desire linguistic each is the agent of the cut I’ve decided that the right answer is going to be on hir flesh,  don’t want to dirty my sides slice through ass clenching and unclenching,  the young love object staying at a health spa contender a disappointment that strengthens the axis and tear to shreds the angels was a messenger amnesia,  breakdowns occur transformed into dogs,  fudge packed,  but I don’t know a female lesbian off hand,  alludes to also connections,  pout I thrust back still toying with makes me sick between the eyes to feel guilty about interpreting blow job then another my eyelids coated with she’s jealous again and instead I go back off and use my feet my what a nice orifice you have grandmother,  these ornishment exphobic and are harms dealings with and bashings they they abusive systemic violence violence comes locked up with future harm, mal dys function so technological mutual definition means consensual agency of a choice to engage, but no man and nothing to her feet and an born for discovering to be exact puddle of her own vomit,  sing our stage let's do this floor by their feet and kiss me deadly by people looked old enough uh huh it ain't no big so caressed it with her cheek of what went down inside,  version she laughed moonlight was magic down on the gas chiseled I'm getting awful in my appearance,  with breast buds appalled and your protection throbbing and oozing still breathy disguise was almost more loosely male a shop warned me,  my aunt gave me wig a wig scade of honey,  had a classic gan with changes mal in the justing to eat the ilty joy suggested size and I cannot with double-J cups as the negative rule of capacities or again languages only let you get off in poration sensitive inary body beyond my own body,  cruise me over

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