A bunch of people in the lab and on the street

The reinvention of the wheel—thought experiments with balls
deceptance of disturbance; one lad’s meal is another turned crusty
the germ theory of disease: lovable and depressing single slit boxes
single spit boxes are quit of hirsute and commercial (but  a Nobel Prize for the measurement problem)
Civilization and Burnet’s work for bone marrow, doctors: see physicians and dogs, the Boer War
Ecosystems, inequality and bleeding as therapy; single skit boxes

Hundreds of photos.  Dendritic cells choking the leaves of apperception when stoned and turned into shit boxes (there’s a Nobel in that, too)

relationship management calls for escape from (filterable?flittable? fistable?) virus gasping prevarication on release
It was a threat in Chelsea: the good, the bad, and the dead silly
You can do thought experiments  with spit/split boxes as well as with balls

Ferrets with runny noses, mouse foot pads and armadillos

Call for escape from virus


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