study 56

what’s in a number?  fail to slack the mine explo shun it like
a dog with a blown save manage creep lack to the maybe
handle this time with ain’t nobody round
all the cringing is a special gesture
a rap maybe time lickin

the mishmash forward to progress    ache that offensive
cultivated chiefly in the old world
with old words & slight footing
if you can’t find time to write   you better
breathe,   slat in the fall timing rings dumb bells to process
as an equalifying lack ranks links
reap to a none tow slinking

as if then
slap clunk   a new tipoff as rash the sun set
circular alms reorganization
that’s how pain gets roughshod and/or snippety in a data-bass
a mellifluous growl at crowded flowers   ash-pitch over screw thread
till alloy simple tread rev it up for the capitalization that refers i guess
to desire that seizure
that caesura
blankly Caesar

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