study 34

down at the locality/all the guys were rinsin’ out their regions & washing down their placelessness/i found i had to ensnare the resound slum cloak anytime relation anti system sections/there were memos for the groundless/confetti for the asterisk people/i had a govt. that like fundamentalisms but not mentalisms but not the beginnings for headache questions but not folded over the slink behind schedule shrinking island agitate fame module/where you got data on the screen you got Bentham in a Box & you can be watched from anywhere void but still valid where prohibited but not more private where the public realm is ruled/it’s a washout/it’s a turned tuned lithoregulatory mechanism almost real enuf to be made in China where they have factories/ prognosticate this limp beginning? maybe fold-or-roll time i call you & see you & hear you and raise ya 5 boring hours/what’s drab has started to rasp/for the time being, non has duration

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