Science says

Besworing bloody moons, alcohol, acetylcholinesterase, social order

first Portuguese fort, acetylcholinesterase wh is marginally overdominant

smashing the Iron Age culture...we’ve gotten past that, it’s a small trinitarian

its cities ravaged by media images and prototypes social orders and age groups

interested and uninterested, a question of contact/contracts with the coast

male fruit flies respond to lack of sex by increasing alcohol consumption
desperately seeking paradigms

parodise the African lords having the benefit of Johnson’s glass house bewearing
of the repetition taboo

the moon turned to blood assuming that these are the latter days—latter than
what? it penetrates the Niger delta of moral disorder news

Dean et al. reported that humans not only watch and imitate each other but also
learn from each other in multiple ways (Science says so so it must be so) but
didn’t I hear that somewhere before no you can’t publish what is already known

Nothing is alreadily known
as visual radio sprawls, galls, scans, scattering
its grains of prototypes and verbal images marginally overdominate the
whirlwords becoming a soothing buzz

You didn’t say “Science may I”, so you’ll have to go back 3 eras

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