Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 352

leaping is partly misunderstood

they gradually realized, innovative poetry is like innovative breathing

slack   slap or dash   lack luster   hammers harmers   wave distant

each bit of the equation            is unbalanced

quit dawdling    spin

a grin slip country     of cell phones               empty of content


snowlike twisted crytal’d structures hang word upside down 

downside down

please grace us with your sly nonpresence

the ragged & blown slop     of the unstartled    (laff’d,    or

under all these trampled flags     i have faith in my slurs

indirect perception   with  cold air   dulled or gray attention span

the rhetoric or reality of adding a volume to the trashed library

dead bolt sleek or combination city cry campaign agon

i keep track of every second of every minute of my day       with gloves

encase the dim flipped detritusoid slag forms from untotaled lacked remarks

sound echoes manage day

unsound methods in the middle of                stop


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