a poem for today

a poem for today, 2 April 2012
[a letter sorted sonnet of eighteen sentences and its image]
I expected re-assimilation, not conversation. 
People cannot call their ambulances.
I didn't promise anybody anything. 
See how she practically sparkles. 
Writing helps incarnate the ego.
Clothes make me feel claustrophobic.
Condos are the devil's underpants.
Believe me there are consequences.
Hysteria is a cultural barometer.
Keep watch over absent meaning.
Honesty and all that stuff.
Queer inclinations were deemed pathological. 
We needed more purple drank.
We can't trust the insect.

Our lives and our emotional landscapes are expansive, contradictory and sadomasochistic.
It's the epitome of perfection. 
It's covered in fake tan.
The predatory beasts take over. 

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